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Regeneration Corps is a learning collaboration between high school-aged students in Vermont and leading organizations in resilience and agriculture. This partnership is supporting the academic needs of students while priming them for engagement with transitions through acute challenges of our time. The existing Flexible Pathways (FP) personalized learning option and Proficiency-Based Learning (PBL) evaluation system anchor this opportunity for young people in Vermont to work for community resilience.  Learn more about What We Do.

If you are a student interested in participating in Regeneration Corps:

If you are a farmer or agricultural organization interested in working with/hosting students, please tell us more about how you want to be involved:

If you are a teacher or school administrator interested bringing Regeneration Corps to your school, or incorporating our Regenerative Agriculture 101 course into your curriculum, let's talk! 

"I definitely found this to be a valuable experience. No class I’ve ever taken in school has covered (or even mentioned) any of the things we talked about during Regeneration Corps. Now that I have a basic knowledge of these concepts, it will be easier for me to seek out more information."

-Layla, Thetford Academy, RC Fall 2020

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