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Regeneration Corps

Our mission is to support youth with the knowledge and skills to mitigate and respond to climate change and its constituent impacts, while building community resilience and strengthening local food systems.

Through a Just Transition framework, we teach the intersections of Regenerative Agriculture, Climate Change Resilience, and Racial & Social Justice.

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How We Work

We are growing a cohort of VT youth with increased confidence in their ability to meet the challenges of our climate crisis, are equipped with some of the skills needed to enter these professional and/or advocacy roles in their local communities, and who feel hopeful about the future of their communities.


Join us by making attending our Mycelium Meets, volunteering or making a donation so we can continue this important work meeting the urgent needs of youth and communities, and the climate!

All the Latest Updates

Stay up to date on our work, events and opportunities to get involved.

Get to Know Us

As a non-hierarchical collective, we base our work on love for each other and Earth.

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Student Testimonial

“I think this was a very valuable experience for me. I don’t think I appreciated farms as much as I do now.”

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