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If your organization would like to get involved, please contact us at




If your organization would like to get involved, please get in touch with any of the individuals listed above in "Organizational Partners", or you can direct inquiries to

Needs and requests for the Regeneration Corps:

  • Organizational Partners: These are organizations who want to be involved on a spectrum from just “signing on” with your logo and being involved ad hoc, to being part of the “boots on the ground” team that builds this program. Some options for involvement include:

    • Helping on site with training, workshops, and events

    • Sharing outreach/publicity materials by email, phone, word of mouth, or social media

    • Contributing staff time

    • Contributing money for a paid coordinator 

    • Contributing money or in-kind donations for project materials

    • “Back-end” and administrative support (bookkeeping, logistical organizing, tech support, etc.)

    • “Team Member”: Involvement in strategic development, building the Regeneration Corps network, attending meetings, fundraising, etc.

    • Or you tell us how you’d like to work together!

  • Project hosts: These are individuals or organizations (farms, nonprofits, clubs, etc.) that will lead educational programming on-site, either at their own sites  or a site that needs additional organizational support (public land, town projects). 

  • Teachers and school staff: These are the folks who let students know about this opportunity and make it possible for students to get academic credit for projects with the Regeneration Corps. Teachers, counselors, administrators, and other youth allies can work with this collaboration to connect youth with exciting resilience-building projects, and to receive support integrating any of our themes into curriculum. (See What We Do for more information!)


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